Male Diabetes Solution

Male Diabetes Solution – PDF download free. When it comes to my diabetes I’ve never really taken care of it the best way I should of, which only now I see as a big mistake. I was diagnosed with diabetes 9 years ago! But honestly? It has always been the least of my worries, up until that I realise it’s one of my biggest worries..

I did everything a type one diabetic SHOULDNT DO! I ate what I want, drank what I want and had my insulin when and if I felt like it. It’s only now at the age of 36 with a whole new life change that I realise that over these past 9 years I’ve slowly been killing myself.

I have lost all sensation in my feet and have been told that I’m at serious risk of losing them as well as my eyesight altogether if I don’t start bucking my ideas up! If only I could go back in time and tell my former 28 year old self that my life was going to change and I do have a reason for living! My biggest regret is not taking it more seriously when I had the chance. The damage I’ve done can only be slowed down and never reversed. Diabetes is serious and SHOULD be taken seriously.

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