1000 Paleo Recipes

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Start cooking amazing Paleo recipes today with the “1000 Top Paleo Recipes” collection! Download now!

1000 Paleo Recipes ebook download in PDF format. Feel free to share this guide with your followers on Pinterest. Most diets out there are about denying yourself, whether it be calories or portions or carbs, and while this diet also cuts out the unnecessary foods, what it really does is give you so many things. It’s not some weight watchers processed ridiculously tiny meal that you microwave and tastes like plastic, this is a diet that lets you eat until you’re full, and you’re eating delicious whole foods that taste great and are well balanced. I always wondered how I was supposed to get all the nutrients I needed on some 1500 calorie diet. It never made any sense to me. Now I’ve thrown calorie counting out the window, I concentrate on eating the foods that I know my body needs, and its so much more satisfying than anything I’ve tried before! And what have I gotten out of it? Well, I’ve basically maintained the same weight as when I was half starving myself, I’ve learned how to cook delicious healthy food for myself from raw ingredients (no more relying on some corporate CEO to decide on what chemicals may or may not be good for me), I don’t have a single product in my house that has unrecognizable ingredients, and most labels have less that 3 ingredients, my skin has been returned to pre-adolescent glory (who even knew that was possible at 31??), and I feel good about myself. There is an incredible amount of self-esteem that comes along with making good choices for yourself. I can’t stress enough how important I have discovered eating whole foods has become to me. It just makes SENSE! Highly recommended!

1000 Paleo Recipes

1000 Paleo Recipes pdf free download

What Is Paleo?

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