Zombie Traders Intro to Technical Analysis Reviews

Zombie Traders Intro to Technical Analysis Review. These tools will give you a solid foundation of when there is a great opportunity to participate with a specific stock and increase your odds to profitability. You see guys, fundamental analysis may suggest WHICH stock you should buy or sell; but technical analysis will assist WHEN you should buy or sell a stock. Keep in mind that when doing fundamental analysis and relying on financial statements, there always exists a chance that company directors are using unethical practices to make the company look healthier than what it actually is, in other words “cooking the books”. Perhaps why many turn to technical analysis as the charts show what is happening with the stock “NOW’, in real time as well as view what it has done in the past hours, days, weeks, months and even years. The charts can help you identify if there is something “FISHY” going on with a stock as investors are fleeing..