Ultimate Moving Averages Robot Reviews & Download

Ultimate Moving Averages Robot Reviews & free Download. STEALTH STOP LOSS/TAKE PROFIT: If you want to use Stealth Take Profit and Stealth Stop Loss your robot must be on and you must have internet connection. Whenever using Steath settings make sure you are using normal Stop Loss and Take Profit just in case there is a volatile move in the market or you lose internet connection. For example if your stealth stop loss and take profit are 10 pips you should set your regular stop loss and take profit 20 pips or whatever you are willing to lose in case market moves quickly or lose of connection. You want to have backup. TRAILING STOP: If you don’t want to use Trailing Stop leave it at “0”. If you put in any other number you will activate Trailing Stop. Trailing Act is Trailing Stop Activation. This is where the trailing stop will starttrailing from. Currently set to 20 pips so it will start trailing when it’s 20 pips in profit. Ultimate Moving Averages Robot download link.