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Total Detox Friend Program by Forensic Scientists. Discover how to cleanse the body of toxins. Download ebook now!

Total Detox Friend program download in PDF format. Feel free to share Forensic Scientists’ guide with your followers on Pinterest. Take care of your body isn’t just cool, it’s also necessary, considering the situations we all live in. Specialists and doctors don’t use the term “cleanse”, seeing as they prefer talking about the health of the body as a whole. But really, it doesn’t matter what words we use because the point lies in the fact that a detailed, full-body cleanse (a total detox) will help you lose the many kilograms you gained during the winter. Так что польза от нее очевидна! All of the following methods for total detoxes are effective and allow you to detoxify and heal your inner organs. Using the purification method described in the book “Total Detox Friend” will allow you to look at least 7 years younger. I tried it myself.

Just Water

Many of us think about terrible procedures when we think about detoxing, but there is a substance much simple, better, and more accessible – water. It is well known that the body of an adult person is two thirds water. We lose a part of that on a daily basis and we need to refill – drink at least two or three liters a day. The only caveat? It needs to be absolutely pure! It is good to develop drinking habits immediately after you wake up; drink a glass of pure water. You can also try increasing the amount of water you drink during the week. Thanks to this method, you will lose up to 5 kilograms of excess weight.

From time to time, you can drink mineral water instead of the pure water. In the book you can read exactly what kind of mineral water is best suited for you. However, don’t do this more than twice a year, three weeks at a time. The salt will gather in your body and could cause joint pain and osteochondrosis.

Morning Juice

There is another simple method to detoxify and clean your body. Water is not enough to get rid of harmful acids. The method is to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice and various herbal drinks. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices draw out harmful acids. You can read more about it in the book. Unfortunately, orange juice, beloved by all, is too acidic! You need to use fruits and vegetables that lower the acidity level: apricots, peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, beets, and cucumbers.

It is not difficult to prepare herbal drinks. Gather dandelions, nettle, plantain, clover, and coltsfoot, wash them, put them in a cup with a lid, and fill the cup with boiling water. Then, shake the mixture and strain it. The drink is ready.
A fantastic cleansing product is ginger tea. Grate a fresh ginger root and add boiling water. You can replace the ginger with garlic if you’re not afraid of the smell – have at it! I wish you strong health and total success. Thank you!

Total Detox Friend Program by Forensic Scientists

Total Detox Friend Program pdf free download

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