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Now my daily cravings are gone, but I still love food and see things on occasion that look amazing. I think to myself “dang I wish I could eat that.” This lifestyle change is helping me lose weight and right now that is my focus. What keeps me going, even though I love food, is that one day I will be my ideal weight. When that day comes I know I will feel less guilty about occasionally indulging on the foods I love. I will have acquired the skills of managing my food intake paired with working out to keep from putting the weight back on. I will have the mentality of a healthy lifestyle already in place.
Choosing now to make a lifestyle change means that each day I am closer to the day when loving food will be paired with eating healthy.
Put your “I love food” mentality on hold for a bit. Get to where you want to be health wise and learn the skills you need to, then you can “Eat healthy and Love food.”  Think how much more you will enjoy loving food when you know how to eat it and not gain weight.
Just focus on your goal and tell yourself that you will enjoy the foods you love eventually, but not today. If there is something you really just can’t go another day without, make it your one cheat meal for the week, but don’t let it break you from your focus.
You can reach your goals if you set your mind to it. Choose today to start your lifestyle change and be determined to reach your goals.