The 2 Week Diet System PDF Book Download

The 2 Week Diet System PDF book download. Feel free to share this ebook with your friends on Facebook! Stop running on the treadmill start lifting weights. Yes I agree running on treadmill build cardiovascular capablities.It helps getting rid of toxins but here we are talking about fat loss. When we do jogging or cycling for a excessive duration these things happen to us. You loose fat and muscle ,though you will be looing weight half of it would be fat and the other half is muscle thus giving you a flabbier look,also reducing your metabolism. Running burns calories only during the time it is being performed but weight training has an after burn effect i.e. you will be burning calories for next 48 hours making it easier for you to lose fat. Our body can get easily adjusted to running and expends less calories over time however same is not true for weight training.Weight training build muscles and more muscles means higher metabolism,means  I  can eat that one extra piece of cake and still not gain fat.Yippee! Weight training gives you those big arms and broad shoulders that cardio can not give.

Cut back on all processed foods and drinks. Pizza is tasty so are cookies but these food can be detrimental for fat loss because they are high in sugars and calorie dense .They mess up your metabolism leading to weight gains .I would suggest having 1 cheat meal every week after a month long of complete diet. Focus on a caloric deficit of not more than 200 -400 calories. Going on severe caloric deficit would put your body on starvation mode stopping fat loss.Try to reduce calories gradually and slowly.Your aim should be to lose no more than 1-2 pound of weight every week.It won’t put your body under stress. Focus on getting enough protein and fibre. Getting enough protein and fibre along with weight training would ensure that you gain muscles making you leaner and muscular.Best part about it is you just have to ensure you are having enough proteins will make you fill fuller.

Start doing High Intensity interval training. It includes exercises like sprints,burpees etc.It will help you burn more calories due to after burn effect and improve your cardiovascular capacity.Also these exercise are functional in nature i.e. it will make you efficient in day to day activities. Implement all these and start seeing the results.I will post details about workouts and diets soon.

The 2 Week Diet System Download