Rock Hard Protocol PDF Free Download

Rock Hard Protocol eBook free download (.pdf). BDSM is about control, either you’re in control or you’re allowing someone else to be. Even when I’m submitting I’m in control of my destiny, we play by a set of rules. I love control and I love that I’m now in control of my body. It’s not just sex anymore, it feeds my mind. For me it is the ultimate stress-buster — I experience a strange combination of total tranquility and incredible focus. When i’m topping I feel, a brain rush of power because it’s that one place in the real world where I am completely in control. Dom’ing a man is going to prove to be much more satisfying than topping another female. However, with the opposite sex I have no desire to practice B&D or S&M.. this alone almost kept me from exploring. I’m not a sadist, I enjoyed spanking the sub that Master let me play with but that’s the extent of it. Rock Hard Protocol free download PDF!