Language of Attraction PDF Download

The Language of Attraction PDF download by Matt Artisan. Love, love tremendously. Love your imperfections, your flaws, everything that makes you, you. Do not live your life to please or impress, to be someone you were never meant to be. Do not ever doubt or compromise your worth. Know that you deserve to be treated with love and respect and if you were short of that, walk away. Always remember you are your own entity, you are whole as your own with self-love. It does not make you any less complete with or without a partner. Besides, appreciate your friends and family for they were the ones who accepted you when you were imperfect and weren’t love.

They love you before anyone else did, they taught you how to love and be loved. Last but not least, love others irregardless of the love you receive, irregardless of how hurt you were by those who have hurt you. Love the wounded, the war-torn, the isolated souls and the children of the future. Always strive to love, share the wonders of love and spread the love. Love makes the world go round, love is the energy, the power, the motivating force behind everything. Reach out and touch the rest of the world with love.

the language of attraction pdf

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