How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love PDF Book Download

How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love PDF book download. Feel free to read this amazing guide! I’m terrible at writing blogs often, I could lie. Say it’s because I’m busy but the truth is, it’s because I have no idea if I’m any good. When I started this blog I did it as an encouragement; I put a theme in. The thing is, it should not be so forced. I should just write what is on my heart. So here it is: I love writing, always have. The way words can change a life; open eyes; give you a friend, it’s incredible! Writing for me is an escape, it’s like giving me wings. I can explore, be free. I am an eagle. In so many areas of my life I have been trapped…this is the one area I am not. However, if I was to find out that I do suck at writing; my walls would crumble. No one has ever said I was good; quite the opposite. I was always told through school that I was terrible. My parents always told me my sister is the writer (which is ironic, considering she never writes). I have always lived in shadows, untouched, unnoticed. This may sound melodramatic but nonetheless, that is what I feel. I was born with an incurable disability; it isn’t killing me but it also doesn’t make my life peachy. I grew up shy, self-conscious and severely emotionally inhibited. I was never allowed to show emotions, I guess that is when I fell in love with reading. Books explained my emotions that I was unable to utter; this turned into my diaries.

“How To Kiss A Man” Book by Michael Fiore