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Gilbert Rafael Fuentes

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Fat Loss 4 Idiots by Gilbert Rafael Fuentes. Discover how to get a thinner and more attractive body. Download now!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots book download in PDF format. Feel free to share Gilbert Rafael Fuentes’ diet plan with your followers on Pinterest. Are you dreaming about a beautiful figure, but you have neither strength nor desire to be hungry or to train up a lot? There is nothing wrong. For such people like you, was created weight loss program Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Using it, even a complete idiot can lose the weight. Well, while you are downloading the book, read some useful tips for quick weight loss, if you’re a big bummer.

The easiest option is to reduce the calorie content of food and portion sizes. But it’s a long way, and you want to quickly get into the summer wardrobe. Therefore, one can start from the discharge of the day. Kefir is the most famous, but it’s hard to sustain. Try to make it more satisfying, combining dairy drink with boiled buckwheat. For a time it is enough to eat a tablespoon of boiled buckwheat. After that, drink a cup of yogurt or kefir and the satiety will come faster and the calories don’t get over.

Unload? It is time to move to a more varied diet. For breakfast, eat 2 tablespoons. Eat one tablespoon of fat-free yogurt and a cup of coffee without sugar. Then cajole your stomach every two or three hours. For lunch you can drink green tea with apple. For dinner take a plate of vegetable soup with a slice of corn bread, pear, black tea. When you want to snack eat the same thing, but without the bread. At about five o’clock in the evening take a small piece of low-fat cheese and green tea. In the evening drink a cup of yogurt with rye loaf.

This diet should be followed for six days. To make the menu unmonotonous, the dining soup can be replaced with a piece of boiled fish with green salad or two slices of boiled beef with vegetables or a piece of chicken breast. This week on the diet allows you to lose about three kilograms. After another two weeks, “course” can be repeated. Between, and after the second course, you can return to the usual diet, but you will have to cut portions. Of course, all rolls, cakes, candy, fatty, fried are vetoed. You can pamper yourself with dark chocolate. And if you still “have sinned,” and ate the dessert, burn extra calories by movements.

Sitting on a “curtailed rations” without strenuous exercise is pointless if the muscles do not exercise, then fat after the diet will return to its place. The pool and gym is not for you? So, at least 10 minutes of easy charging – squats, rotating back and forth hands (bending at the elbows, his hands on his shoulders), bending sideways, stretching his hands at his sides, a dozen jumps. After that – the classical trio: lifting the legs, lying on his back, bicycle, scissors. Plus at least an hour a day of walking energetic step, and instead of the elevator you can climb the stairs.

Saggy tummy and rolls on the sides catch up more quickly, if in addition to the movement and  you will learn how to hold back right. When we stooped, muscles relax and get lazy. If you have a sedentary job, use the posture corrector for some time.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots by Gilbert Rafael Fuentes

Fat Loss 4 Idiots pdf free download

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