DTP Swing Trade Newsletter Reviews

DTP Swing Trade Newsletter Reviews. The swing trade newsletter service provides both long and short set-ups on stocks and ETFs with a trading time period of several days to several weeks. Three to four swing set-ups are provided weekly with a wide range of equity prices and expected trade velocity. Entry levels, stops, and multiple targets to add or protect profits, along with the reasoning behind the picks are given. All picks provide at least a 3:1 reward to risk ratio based on entry, second or third target, and the stop. The stocks and ETFs picked have good liquidity based on average daily dollar volume. If a low liquidity set-up is overwhelmingly compelling, it is noted appropriately. The set-ups are selected from a multitude of technical analysis based scans including large block transactions, consolidations, low volume pull backs after big runs, and oversold and overbought conditions. Day Trading Power Swing Trade Newsletter Review.