Chakra Activation System

Chakra Activation System pdf download. Feel free to get legal access to Stephanie Mulac’s ebook Chakra Activation System! Have you ever wondered if the Universe is really out to get you? On a typical bad day, I used to get this recurring thought—when a passing car splashes dirty water on my skirt; when a bumps into me and spills my coffee; when my boss finds a mistake in my report and starts criticizing everything else. You name it, I’ve probably experienced it.

It just seemed like nothing good was ever going to happen to me. And it wasn’t as if I didn’t try. I tried going on blind dates, in search of someone who could share my burdens and lighten my load. I tried taking vitamin supplements to wake myself up in the mornings when I drag my feet to another work day. I even tried to bond with my colleagues by inviting them to a party but to unsurprisingly, no one showed up.

In time, I just got really unmotivated to lift my head up in the mornings. What was the point when everything seemed to be going wrong? To make matters worse, I seemed to have a nagging headache that never went away. Thankfully I had my best friend Carly. Perhaps the Universe wasn’t all that set against me because it did give me Carly after all.

Carly had been working abroad for a couple of years but we’d kept in touch. She finally came back for a visit recently and got a shock when she saw me. At first I was bewildered by her reaction, but she told me, “Gosh, you look really pale and…well to be honest you look like a walking corpse.”On the contrary, Carly looked amazing. Her skin was glowing, her hair was full of bounce, and most of all, her smilewas so genuine and filled with happiness that it almost hurt to look at her worried expression.

We went to a coffee shop nearby and I told her about my perpetual bad days. I didn’t tell her about them while she was still overseas because I didn’t want her to worry. After hearing my long rant, she took her laptop out and made me read this thing called Chakra Activation System while she patiently read a book alongside me.

At first I was really confused. “Why was Carly showing me this nonsense?” I thought. I had never heard of the term “chakra” before. But as I read on, I found myself getting more intrigued with every page. Some of the things the author, Stephanie, highlighted were spot-on; they were happening with me almost every day!
I quickly realized that my Root chakra and Throat chakra were in perilous imbalance. So that night, Carly came over to my place and taught me some breathing techniques she’d learnt from the book, and we practiced them together. I also tried out some physical exercises for healing my Throat chakra, which were so easy to do because the instructions were so clear.

The next day, I went to work with an improved attitude because the headache that had plagued me for weeks was completely gone! I thought it might just be a coincidence, but during work, the colleague whom I’d deemed too cool to come to my party stopped by my desk and asked if I’d done something new with my hair. She said I looked better somehow.

I was convinced it must be the result of my chakra exercises, so that night I practiced some affirmations that Stephanie provided in the book. They gave me a sense of calm and peace that I’d never felt before.

For the rest of the week, I diligently followed Stephanie’s recommendations and found myself feeling lighter and happier than ever. Meal times were a colorful affair thanks to my newfound knowledge of specific chakra-boosting foods. Soon after, my colleagues started asking me out to lunch—something they’d never done before. It was probably due to the fact that my Heart chakra had been severely imbalanced as well, causing me to give off negative energy.

Nowadays, going to work excites me. I was free of headaches, I finally had friends to eat lunch with, and as a result my productivity soared. My boss was so pleased with my work that he commended me in front of everyone at the annual office party. Not to mention, I have a date coming up this Friday! I am truly grateful to Carly for introducing me to Chakra Activation System, and I can’t emphasize how much everyone needs Stephanie’s guidance in their life!

Chakra Activation System
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