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By | May 4, 2016

All App Press (Allapppress) website 2 mobile apps builder. Download world’s fastest mobile app builder now. Get your mobile app up and running in just 2 minutes. What people are saying about this program? George says: “With AllAppPress, literally anyone can both build and maintain highly engaging apps with no coding or design skills. For most small businesses like mine, DIY mobile app builder is the best solution because it allows owning an app without breaking the bank.”

If you want to grow your business, generate more traffic, attract more customers, and increase your profits, you must create a mobile app! Mobile is the fastest growing industry in history. Establishing yourself early as a mobile friendly business will help retain existing customers, attract new customers, and differentiate your company from your competition. Mobile applications are the next frontier of marketing for businesses and the industry is predicted to sky-rocket over 1,000% in the next three years to a $56 billion dollar market (Gartner Group).

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