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By | August 7, 2015

Not so long ago I was afraid that book stores will start to gradually disappear and this will be caused by the technological development and, therefore, by the lack of interest to classical paperback books. Nowadays, ofcourse, more and more people start to read literature on electronic devices and they began to listen to audiobooks even before that. This is the exact reason why our site gains more and more popularity. Though this, most likely, does not have a global effect on the bookstore existence. Of course they have to adapt to the reader’s wishes, to its new needs. But this, as we all know, has a positive effect on the development of book industry.

This is why in usual book stores you already can by both digital and audiobooks. Buyer only has to make a choice. Many of our readers like good old books, which you can hold in your hand, which illustrations you can check out and which you can eventually put on a shelf.

But this raises a question – which store should you prefer? Usual one or an internet store? Both have it’s pros and cons. In this post I will tell you about pros of ordering a paperback book on the internet.

1) The easiness of buying a book. Such a shop is convenient primarily for those who live in small town and villages where it is difficult to find certain literature or where there are no bookstores at all. Or in case you live in another country but you miss books in English you can also make an order. This is an unquestionable advantage of an internet-store for a huge amount o people.

2) Low book cost. How much does a book cost in such a shop? It costs not less than in a usual one, but we should point out: delivery will not be free! Though if you live away from the big shops anyway than you have to think what will be more expensive – paying for a ticket or for gasoline and going to the closest big shop or spending less or the same amount of money and saving your personal time and just waiting for the book to be delivered.

3) Big variety of books. Of course the variety is different! But finding your purchase on the internet is much easier than by going through all the book shops in town. This is also an advantage, can’t say much more. Even when you live in a big city, you don’t want to spend a lot of time going through shops, which might end in failure anyway. Especially if the book is a rarity.

The only minus of ordering a book in an internet shop is delivery time. If you order your book through the internet you’ll have to wait for the order to be processed, then for the supply. This might take whole weeks or even months. I have special relations with mail. They like to delay letters and packages.

Have a good read!

Author: Helen Davis

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